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Let our professionals provide the essential maintenance for your septic system.

If your home or business is on a septic system, then routine septic maintenance is a necessity. There are few things worse than a clogged septic system and waste that flows backwards into your building—or a system that has other malfunctions to contend with. No matter what’s plaguing your septic system, we can help you fix it.

Septic Maintenance in Greensboro, North Carolina

Here at A&B Septic Services, Inc., we’ve seen a thing or two since our humble beginnings in 2007, and it’s our mission to help the good people of Greensboro, North Carolina with all their septic maintenance needs. We offer complete care, with service options like the following:

  • Pumping: General septic cleaning and waste management
  • Inspection: The diagnostic part of the business, where we double-check everything is running the way it’s supposed to or figure out what’s going wrong
  • Grease Trap Removal: Cleaning and removal to prevent clogs and backups

We want you to feel totally comfortable using the facilities in your home or workspace. Without a working septic maintenance plan, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Instead, talk to one of our experts and figure out a maintenance plan that’s best for you. We can help you determine how often you should schedule septic maintenance depending on the size of your system and your household.

Give us a call anytime to learn more about what services we can offer you for your septic maintenance plan. We are more than happy to educate you on your options and help you learn about the process as we go.