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Pay attention to the signs that your grease trap might be failing.

Grease traps stop fats, oils, and grease, or FOG, from entering the sewer system. This lowers the chance of clogs and issues with your system. However, grease traps can break down over time, like any other equipment, requiring grease trap repair. Keep reading to learn some of the most common signs that your grease trap might need help, then call our team at A&B Septic Services, Inc.

Grease Trap Repair in Greensboro, North Carolina

Slow drainage in sinks and dishwashers might be the first sign that something is wrong. When the trap gets full of hardened grease and other materials, it slows down the wastewater flow. Because of this, water in sinks takes longer to drain, which can be annoying and could cause problems in your kitchen.

Another telltale sign that you need grease trap repair is when you or your staff notice smells that don’t belong in the kitchen. When FOG builds up and starts to break down, it gives off smells that are off-putting and difficult to get rid of. Our team can assess the situation and determine what type of repairs you might need.

Additionally, when a grease trap gets clogged up, it can cause sinks and floor drains to back up with water. This can make your kitchen dangerous and unclean, putting your workers’ and customers’ health at risk. When this occurs, call our team right away so the problem doesn’t worsen. Lastly, grease traps are usually made of metal, meaning they can rust or corrode over time if they aren’t taken care of. Routine checks can help find signs of corrosion or rust so that fixes or replacements can be made right away.

If you notice any signs listed above, contact our team for grease trap repair. We can also discuss regular maintenance and preventative steps we can provide in the Greensboro, North Carolina area to help your grease trap last longer.

At A&B Septic Services, Inc., we offer grease trap repair services for customers in Greensboro, Mebane, Graham, Burlington, Winston-Salem, Jamestown, Kernersville, Oak Ridge, Summerfield, and High Point, North Carolina.